Welcome to LeaBelle – a lifestyle blog.

Hi –Β I’m RenΓ©e, a Canadian living in Charlotte, North Carolina. Welcome to my blog! Here you’ll find anything from travel to my creative endeavors to musings from my day to day life. Basically little snippets from my life. I’m so excited to share a little piece of myself with you all, and with that being said here a little bit about me:

– I’m an actor based in Charlotte, but grew up in Nova Scotia

– I’m a professional coder (i.e. that’s my day job!) and I love it! I create websites and write blog posts for the company that I work for.

– I love yoga and stretching.

– I have the cutest puppy named Finn (you can learn more about him here).

– I like to be creative, whether that’s by knitting, making websites, learning to paint, weave, etc. all of which I will be documenting on my blog! (I also sell on Etsy)

– I love being outside, hiking is also one of my favorite ways to get out and exercise!

– I have a Master’s degree in French Literature and am fluent in French.

– I love to travel!



I hope you stick around and enjoy my blog! There will be lots more to come.

With Love,